Announcing Soccer for Active Citizenship

Coaches Across Continents has launched our bold new initiative, Soccer for Active Citizenship, in the USA. Recognizing the major issue of disenfranchised young people, along with a reduced focus on Civics in school, CAC has developed the first ever program that creates Active Citizens who can impact their communities on topics the young leaders are passionate about.

We do this through three main phases:

  1. Soccer for Active Citizenship. Teenagers learn about the Sustainable Development Goals, key social issues, and acquire 21st century learning skills necessary for active leadership.
  2. Technology for Active Citizenship. Alongside delivery partner Local Civics, students learn through technology about their own communities and can explore where they want to get involved.
  3. Active Citizenship projects. Students embark on their own active citizenship projects on issues they are passionate about. These projects are proof of concept that they are active citizens in their own communities by utilizing the skills learned in the prior two phases.

Currently Soccer for Active Citizenship  is being implemented in Broward County, Miami, USA with our partner organization Fútbol Con Corazón. Programming is being delivered with often-overlooked populations with over 90% of the participants African-American and Latino. These students are currently learning Active Citizenship skills On-field through a specially designed CAC curriculum. FCC USA has also seen the initiative generate interest from the entire Miami Dade Parks and Rec department. Many of their staff attended CAC’s on-field coaching education in August and they will use that knowledge to impact over 1,000 young people throughout the county.

Soccer for Active Citizenship will be implemented in 16+ cities in the USA, Canada, and Mexico in the build up to the 2026 World Cup. CAC is seeking both local organizations to work with as well as brands that want to support this needed initiative.

Click to open our Soccer for Active Citizenship Information Deck 2021 to learn more about this groundbreaking initiative, or contact to get involved as a funding or implementing partner.


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