CAC hosts US State Department Exchange

Coaches Across Continents is proud to have completed the first half of a US State Department sponsored exchange program between the USA and Vietnam.  This International Sports Programming Initiative (ISPI), through its Sport for Social Change theme, provides an opportunity for sports-based, people-to-people exchanges that advance the U.S. government’s policy goals of building values of inclusion, increasing trust for a more stable world, and mitigating extremist voices.


Alongside Women Win and supported by the US Embassy in Vietnam, this exchange will provide positive opportunities for male and female participants to develop skills related to leadership, teamwork, and self-discipline while growing in their knowledge of healthy living, resiliency and risk reduction strategies around unexploded ordnances in Vietnam.


Originally scheduled for 2020, the first half of the exchange was moved to a virtual learning, with 15 participants from the Tha Thiên Huế province in Vietnam and coaches hand-selected from across the USA to join and learn from each other and international experts.  The line-up of international facilitators was truly world-class, with sessions led by CAC, Women Win, SCORT, and PhD professor Michael Dao from San Jose State University. 


The next phase will be an in-person exchange, tentatively scheduled for June, 2022 where CAC will host the Vietnamese participants in the USA. The ISPI will Improve the individual knowledge and skills of young, non-elite sport coaches and administrators to design and deliver programs addressing key social change themes; 
Develop the leadership of young sport coaches and administrators, and Strengthen the capacity of organizations and institutions in the U.S. and abroad to implement and measure effectiveness of grassroots sport and social change programs in their communities.

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