CL17 Influence

CL17 Influence working in 6 continents in 2021.

Creating Legacies 17 Influence advises governments, confederations, global NGOs, policy makers, and key donors to create their global legacies, design policies and address the UN SDGs.

CL17 Influence Services

Needs Assessment Based on UN SDG Targets
Strategic Consultancy From Our Award-Winning Team
Campaign Development Using Education Outside the Classroom
Develop Policies and Bring Them to Life
Stakeholder Engagement on Local, Regional and National Level
Reporting Using Our Unique Monitoring System

CL17's SAFE: Child Safeguarding initiative is groundbreaking in global child protection as it helps community organisations bring policies written on paper to life on the sports field.

Liz Twyford, Sports Programme Specialist, UNICEF UK

CL17 Influence works with the AFC to address UN SDG10: Reduced Inequalities in Asia.

CL17 Influence works with UNICEF on the International Standards for Safeguarding Children in Sport to support the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

CL17 Influence works with Concacaf to address UN SDG5: Gender Equality in North America.

Soccer for Active Citizenship Opportunities

CL17 Influence has begun a 5 year campaign to bring Local Civics and Soccer for Active Citizenship (SDG Target 4.7) to the United States. Sponsorship opportunities are available to bring it to your markets by contacting CL17 Influence.

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