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December 8th Update. We are excited to officially announce the first class of The Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education Accredited Coaches in Palestine this past week! In our end of course survey 100% of the coaches declared a moderate to large increase in confidence in their skills as a facilitator and educators because of the Catalyst Accredited Coach program.

We also wanted to share one inspiring story from a participant during the celebration ceremony:

People from Northern and Southern Palestine don’t tend to have an opportunity to interact. One participant from Northern Palestine had some real setbacks during the course of the program. She actually got COVID-19 twice, dealt with an economic shutdown, pandemic lockdown, and was unable to conduct her normal youth sessions because of closed schools. These factors led this participant to doubt her ability to continue with the course, and she felt that dropping the course was her only option. However, another participant on the course from Southern Palestine made a close connection and, despite never having met, supported each other throughout the second half of the program and successfully carried each other to complete the course.

October 19th Update. The leaders on our Accredited Coach program identified physical and emotional abuse as being a significant problem in their communities around Palestine. As a result we have co-designed a child protection commitment with the leaders to bring make sure that their understanding of Child Safeguarding includes what is Safe for the Youth, what is Safe for the Teacher, Safe for the School/Organization, and Safe for the Community. The Catalyst Accredited Coach leaders are now working to integrate this commitment into their organizations including the Ministry of Education which reaches thousands of children across Palestine.

July 10th Update. Following orientation, the first major online task for the participants in June 2020 was to use the shared curriculum to design their own Purposeful Play games on our Sport Session Planner platform. In 4 weeks of managing this task, including 2 more full group calls, the 20 Palestinian candidates have designed 100 new games total which address UNSDG4: Quality Education through play. This incredible process has resulted in a massive amount of play-based games which Palestinian leaders will now be able to use in their community work with youth once conditions allow.

April 22nd Update. By March 2020 we had received 139 inspiring applications for the 20 spots on the course. Following a vetting process we interviewed the top candidates and selected the final 20 by April 2020.

January 14th 2020. CL17 is delighted to announce a new partnership in 2020 with The Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education. With the support of The Catalyst Foundation, CL17 will deliver the first-ever Accredited Coach Hub in Palestine to accredit local leaders in the use of Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom to impact UNSDG 4: Quality Education.

CL17 will work with Palestinian leaders year-round, sharing our 28 strategic resources and supporting their work to improve school attendance and retention rates. Over the next two months CL17 will be tapping into our networks in Palestine to select the 20 leaders who will participate in this program and become candidates for CL17 Coach Accreditation in Purposeful Play. We are excited to launch into the new year with new partners like The Catalyst Foundation and to build on our impact with the incredible people we work and play with in Palestine. For more information please contact

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